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Global Shipping International is a modern digital platform that combines advanced automation capabilities, empowering companies to create their own digital logistics department and increase their performance. Now, companies can delegate their logistics operations with known solutions.

We designed the platform as a control tower that can give you a unique insight into the performance of your company’s logistics processes. We retrieve all the necessary information about deliveries with real-time tracking and events, so you can increase the efficiency and the accuracy of your processes, base your decisions on data, anticipate possible disruptions and reduce risks.

Big enough to encompass a wide range of logistics services, intuitive enough to understand the importance of every shipment transported by air, sea or road.

We are at the forefront of digital transformation in the logistics realm. We challenge the world of logistics done on paper by proposing an e-logistics model. We digitize repetitive processes to scale and make them faster. We only keep human interference when our logistics expertise cannot be turned into technology. Knowing that software can be too rigid to understand the complexity of customers’ needs, we use human input to understand the core of the problems businesses face and provide better solutions.

100% Time Speed

we are building the industry’s most comprehensive logistics platform that is able to capture the digital demand of shippers in different geographies, draw prospective clients and identify the best logistics solutions for their shipping needs.

Track All Your Shippings

We offer efficient combinations of transport, to meet the demand for ad hoc shipments, as well as for dedicated shipping for different logistics flows. With Global shipping solutions you can track your shipment's progress easily and efficiently

Holistic Logistics

We are striving to become a holistic logistics platform with a sophisticated supply-chain network that, in addition to meeting the common logistics demands, is also able to cater to the specialized transportation needs of any business.

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