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FTL in logistics

What is the meaning FTL in logistics ?

What is FTL shipping? FTL stands for Full Truck Load shipping. FTL shipping definition means that the shipment takes up the entire load space of the vehicle courier. Some things to know about FTL shipments:

  1. FTL shipments consist of 10 pallets or more, depending on the vehicle of the courier.
  2. FTL shipments are delivered in the same truck as they are picked up.

When to choose FTL shipping?

FTL shipping for businesses
Businesses frequently opt for FTL shipping for the following reasons
  1. When shipping high volumes (10 pallets or more to the same destination which can be both stackable and non-stackable).
  2. FTL shipping is also used for fragile and high-risk items. They might not need the entire space of the truck, but shippers like to make sure their items are well-protected.
  3. When looking for fast delivery. FTL Shipping is fast because it is dedicated to only one shipper and therefore only stops at the delivery point.
FTL shipping for individuals
In most cases, FTL delivery is used by businesses rather than individuals. However, there are some situations where FTL is the right option.
  1. Relocation: Relocating to another town or even country, involves moving all your belongings to your new house or apartment. When you have enough to fill an entire truck, FTL is the cheapest option. When you don’t have enough to fill a full truck, opt for LTL shipping (for cheap shipping on pallets) or our Dedicated Van Delivery, for a van that is only loaded with your items and that goes directly from pick-up to delivery. Keep in mind that the dimensions of the van are smaller than of the trucks used for FTL shipping.

Benefits of FTL shipping

Listed below, you find the benefits of FTL shipping and what that means for you or your organization.

  1. Cost-effective: FTL delivery is the cheapest option when shipping large volumes regularly.
  2. Safety: LTL shipments usually have multiple stops and are handled several times during transport. FTL shipments usually go directly from A to B, which means that your shipment is safer when it comes to things as theft and damage.
  3. Extra services: With FTL shipments, services such as liftgates, pick-up and deliver inside, etc. can be included. Freeze protection is currently not provided by Eurosender.
  4. Speed: Compared to LTL shipping, FTL shipping is much faster as there are no stops for deliveries along the way.

Type of items that can be shipped through FTL

Whether FTL shipping is the best option for your shipment depends on the traits of these items, for example, weight and size. Here are some things that are suitable for FTL delivery.

  • When you are new to the Eurosender platform, it is good to start with knowing what you can send.
  • FTL shipments are usually packed on pallets. For this, it is essential to know which type of pallet to choose and how to pack it.
  • Eurosender provides you with a catalogue of shipping guides for varying items in our pack and ship series. FTL shipping is suitable for high volumes of large items such as carpets,bricks and tiles and farming equipment.
  • FTL shipping services are a cost-effective option when relocating. For more details about relocating abroad, check out for example:
    • Moving to the USA.
    • Moving to Australia.
    • Moving to Germany