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PTL in logistics

What is the meaning PTL in logistics ?

PTL stands for Partial Truck Load shipping, which is also known as Load to Ride (LTR). PTL shipments are big shipments that do not fill an entire truck. In the logistics spectrum, they are between FTL (Full Truck Load) and LTL (Less than Truck Load) shipments and the same goes for the cost of PTL shipping.

When to choose PTL shipping?

Partial Truckload Shipping (PTL), is not as common as FTL or LTL shipping, so it is good to know in which situations it is best to choose for partial truckload shipping services.

PTL shipping for businesses
  1. A quick option for when you don’t have enough load for FTL shipping, but also too much load for LTL shipping.
  2. Shipments that have to go directly to the destination, without being loaded and unloaded several times.
  3. Shipments that contain fragile items.
PTL shipping for individuals
  1. PTL services are less common than FTL and LTL shipments and are not frequently used by individuals. However, there are some situations where PTL shipping can be the best solution for your needs.
  2. Relocation: When you relocate, you may not have enough items for FTL shipping. But when you want your shipment to go directly from point A to point B, PTL shipping can be an inexpensive way to get your belongings to your new home.
  3. Many/large items to ship: In most cases, you will be able to ship your items by using LTL services. However, when you have many (bulky) items, contact our logistics experts to see whether PTL, LTL, or FTL transportation is the best option for your shipment.

Benefits of PTL shipping

PTL shipping might just be the best solution for your shipments. Below you find the benefits of using PTL shipping services.

  1. Individual delivery: The truck is completely filled with your items and doesn’t have to stop for other deliveries when choosing for PTL delivery.
  2. Safety: PTL shipments are not unloaded until they reach the delivery point, meaning that there is less chance for the items to get damaged.
  3. Tracking PTL shipments: With partial truckload shipping services through the Eurosender platform, you have access to our online 24/7 tracking system.
  4. Extra services: Unlike standard shipping, PTL shipments offer you the possibility to use services such as liftgates, pick-up, and delivery inside (regardless of the floor), and so on. Keep in mind that freeze protection is currently not provided by Eurosender.
  5. Fast: Less time in transit and fewer stops on the way to its destination make PTL delivery a speedier option than LTL shipping.